GenX and Underground Explained

While we are not researchers, sociologists or admen studying the attitudes, behaviors and characteristics of cohorts of people born in specific age brackets, we earned our GenXpert badge as members of the Brat Pack generation. In the 80s, one of us was an aspiring journalist interviewing Joel Schumacher during the filming of St Elmo’s Fire and the other was heading to a carrier aircraft squadron when Top Gun blew up on the big screen. We grew up to be MBAs and Ph.Ds with expertise in Financial Services, Consumer Brands, Engineering and Programming.

Born 60s X’rs, we grew up in the 70s as free range kids with no cell phones or internet and when Mom said go out and play she meant don’t come back til dinner. In the 80s our playlists were vinyl, our iPods were Walkmans and our first concerts were Springsteen and J Giles. We were latchkey kids and while some might call that neglected, we’d call it independent and self-reliant.

We built careers in the 90s, got more degrees and had children. We were the first to incorporate the internet and the smart phone into our lives. Now we’re troubleshooting our boomer-parent’s electronics and pushing the virtues of being “connected,” while chiding our millennial-children to lift their heads up away from their smart phones once in awhile. As parents, we were hands on-hands off, encouraging but not smothering and dedicated to pushing forward in our careers to provide experiences and stuff we thought our kids needed, all the while holding on to our underground interests and personality.

40+ years in the workforce and six 21-30 year olds later, change was calling. More underground, less of other priorities. We hear from our GenX cohorts that they feel the same itch as they get closer to where we are in the cycle. So here we are, getting unstuck in the middle.

Consumer brands take note – there are 65M of us. You are ignoring us because you think we’ll adapt and trade in our moniker for Boomer or Millennial. Not happening!

We founded Sheric Consulting to help lifestyle brands connect with people like us. People in their 50s who are in a financial position to pursue their interests full-time. People who are modeling for the GenX’rs behind us. People who influence Boomers and Millennials. Our parents are aging and our kids are adults. We will have grandchildren to school. We should be the demographic you covet.

Check out Sheric Consulting to learn more about our background and offering. Or just read the blog for clues.