New River Dance

The primary purpose of heading north to West Virginia was to raft the Gauley River.  Ever since we had taken a white water rafting trip to California, we lamented that West Virginia was in our backyard and we never got there.  As the only world class whitewater on the East coast, it was a mere 260 miles away from Asheville, so time grab the brass ring.  Eric started exploring Outfitter options and discovered you can only raft the Gauley on 22 specific days during reservoir release, starting in September. The good news was that the New River was dancing spiritedly … Continue reading New River Dance

Biking Biltmore

On our way out of the Biltmore yesterday, we stopped at Antler Village information center and asked for the trail map. “Are you renting bikes here or bringing yours on your car?” The attendant politely asked. “We’re riding them here,” we said. “I don’t know if you are allowed to ride them on. We’re not really bike friendly here,” she explained. “Let me call and see if that is allowed. “But you rent bikes here – you must be bike friendly?” we asked with an eyebrow cocked. “We don’t like them on the roads. The trails are okay and I … Continue reading Biking Biltmore

Conga at the Biltmore (Day 1)

As usual, a downpour overnight and well into the morning foiled our plans to bike to the Biltmore. Declaring war on the rain, Eric read an informative review about RV parking there then packed up Betty for a 15 mile mini-excursion. The three days of rain meant that the site was largely packed or covered.  We disconnected three lines, pulled in the slides and jacks, and were on our way to Henry Vanderbilt’s masterpiece. Originally a 125,000 acre estate, the Biltmore estate had been pared down to 8,000 acres which is still larger than the city of Asheville.  You need … Continue reading Conga at the Biltmore (Day 1)

At Ease, Soldier!

In researching what to do 20 miles in and around Mistletoe State Park, we found the PDGA, which we visited Tuesday and Points West Army Resort which we visited today.We were very curious about Points West, as it is attached to Ft. Gordon, just 30 miles away in Augusta. The Ft. Gordon MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) website listed a ton of activities that included disc golf, pools, bowling, cafes and our favorite – free WiFi so we had to go. We packed up the pannier with bathing suits, goggles, frisbees, sunscreen, as well as laptops, ipads, and iphones – … Continue reading At Ease, Soldier!

The other PGdA near Augusta, GA

Augusta, Georgia is home to the Masters Golf Tournament where PGA professionals vie to win a green jacket.  Just 30 miles to the west, and 10 miles from our campground, Appling, Georgia is home to the PDGA – Professional Disc Golf Association, where professionals basically walk through the woods throwing a fancy frisbee.We were vaguely aware of disc golf, of course, but we did not realize that the epicenter of professional disc golf was a small town in Georgia and were compelled to check it out. Rolling 15 miles along Georgia back roads from Mistletoe into Wildwood Park we found … Continue reading The other PGdA near Augusta, GA

Slightly Brilliant

With a name like Slightly Stoopid, the band and the fan base are daring the rest of the world to take them too seriously. Playing Fusion Mash, which we define as a mix of pretty much any kind style of music you want to name except classical, the skater-boys from San Diego have been free to move in any creative direction their wind blew. The result is a twenty plus year anthology of some nearly top of the chart songs, like “Sweet Honey,” and a whole lot of reggae, ska, funk and sorta rap that all flow together like a … Continue reading Slightly Brilliant

Tame Turtle Crawl

About a month into retirement and the days are starting to run together where it’s hard to tell Tuesday from Friday. Used to be work from pre-dawn to dark and do chores on the weekend with an occasional activity or vacation sandwiched in. It’s starting to feel like we don’t have to treat everyday like a to-do list and not doing anything is just as good as doing something. Yesterday we took the bikes out for a leisurely reconnoiter North of Sebastian Inlet were we found BG’s Bayside Marina, part of BG’s Surfside Grill and Adventures, the official concessionaire for … Continue reading Tame Turtle Crawl

Oh, Lookie there, I’ve got a bite

We first heard about the famous Sebastian Inlet Fishing pier from Sheri’s Boomer parents who became avid fisher people in their retirement. The 745 foot jetty is open 24/7 and is a super highway for fish-life commuting to and from the Indian River Bay Area, making it a Mecca for diehard and novice anglers alike. Fishing was on our must-do list.Most folks on the pier have push wagon carts loaded up with poles, tackle, bait, coolers, chairs, umbrellas, big screen TVs. We had our ebikes. The engineer has rigged them as cargo carriers. Properly loaded with our pole and umbrella … Continue reading Oh, Lookie there, I’ve got a bite

Welcome to the Jungle (Trail)

The co-pilot seat is set up as the in-camp mobile office for Sheric Consulting LLC. With a hotspot, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone 6+, iphone 8+, printer and gmail, we are in business. Today we would reconnoiter. Sebastian Inlet State Park is situated 10 miles north of the 510 causeway that brings traffic across the Indian River Bay and out to the barrier island. The park itself spans the northern most barrier island on the Treasure Coast and the southern most barrier island on the Space Coast, making it the stuck in the middle inlet. Between the causeway and the … Continue reading Welcome to the Jungle (Trail)