Jordan River runners

It’s good to have friends in cool places, like those with 40 acres on a picturesque vista ‘Up North’ with all the recreational toys to go with it. Two former DC beltway runners were finally able to make an open invite to unplug at his Michigan 40 acre compound finally happen. It is the perfect last stop on our cross-country journey before heading back to DC. Our temporary backyard is a semi-boondock on the crest of a hillside overlooking the Jordan Valley to the south and Lake Charlevoix to the west. ‘Semi-boondocking’ means that we are camping on BFM land. … Continue reading Jordan River runners

Engineering Soo Locks

It was engineering weekend in the Eastern UP, starting with a class on e-bike dynamics and ending with a 3 hour course on fluid mechanics and the Soo Locks system. Brimley State Park was about 150 miles from Munising in the middle UP, still in the Hiawatha National Forest but only 15 miles from Canada. These Ontarian boys grilled Eric on how the Comos work before racing around the parking lot to see if they could catch him. No shot. Brimley was the only RV park in the Sault Ste Marie (pronounced Soo San Marie) area with an opening. It … Continue reading Engineering Soo Locks