How the West Was Won

Nearly 60 days of winter in the west are coming to an end. The F-35s and F-22s are making their final passes over our heads to wrap up airshow weekend. We have fought our way across the mountains, out of Overflow, and out of Carl’s RV repair. The Norcold dual electric-propane fridge is all fixed and working perfectly. Carl’s fake fixed it with a new propane burner nozzle before it broke again. Eric and the engineers on the internet fixed right it with an external fan and some careful troubleshooting. Be forewarned, Eric is now a self-taught Norcold engineer and … Continue reading How the West Was Won

The Show

When we arrived in DM the folks around us asked us if we were here for The Show. We had no idea of what they were talking. We soon figured out that the show was a bunch of vintage aircraft that flew overhead in company with modern fighters. It turns out, that’s a thing. It started in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the US Air Force and it has been going on since. An organization in Houston, Texas owns and flies very rare WWII and Korean War vintage airplanes. Now, technically, they were part of the Army Air Corps … Continue reading The Show


Overflow is like being in-between. Suffer now for salvation later. There are some people though, that seem to like to suffer. Or maybe it’s all about what one person calls sufferring. Maybe they’re living a great life and we are totally misreading their situation. There is great diversity in this world and we don’t know how others think – their backstories, upbringing, experiences, thought processes, decision making, likes and dislikes. Everyday we go to the check in center at 5pm to see if we’ve moved up on the list to get out of the in-between and into the promised land … Continue reading Overflow