Sway to Go!

You might think sleeping on the side of the road in an industrial park while plugged into an extension cord running under a barbed wire fence and into a 110v box on a telephone poll is crazy. Add in not sleeping because a steady stream of trains chugged by all night long, blowing their whistle every time they passed our coach and we’d agree with you. It was a tough night, but fortunately Betty would be out of Carl’s neighborhood today and back in the quiet of FamCamp, with only generator noise to contend with. We got up early, mostly … Continue reading Sway to Go!

Dry, Oh My!

Davis Monthan Air Force Base Fam Camp is a highly desired winter home. With three and five month extended stay options, snowbirds can drive west for 70/40 average temps and pay less than a month’s mortgage in an average DC home. Operating on a first come, first served basis, no reservations can mean long wait times for one of 197 full hook up sites. We arrived on Sunday and are number 35 on the waitlist. Even a mass migration makes it unlikely our number will Bingo, so we sit in overflow with nothing but a bathhouse 500 feet away. Dry … Continue reading Dry, Oh My!

Betty needs a new pair of shoes

Pro rider climbing 4000 feet on I-8 through the lower Rockies in his yellow safety vest. Crazy, but I-8 is the least elevation for a bike route across those mountains and into the desert. GPS showed 60 miles to the first sign of civilization east of the pass – El Centro. An hour for us; three or four for yellow vest. Better now than in July! El Centro to Tucson is 296 miles of terrain change. With gas at $3.50 a gallon in Cali, we stopped in Yuma for a $2.23 fill-up en route to Sheri’s Uncle Tom’s recommendation for … Continue reading Betty needs a new pair of shoes

Red Hot and Blue

Another great night’s sleep on natural latex and we were up early with the Blue Angels’ Saturday morning practice session. There’s nothing like coffee and a private stunt jets show to start the day. Eric’s routine is Sheri’s surreal. It seems like a live action movie to her, and another day at the office for him. Usually a Blue Angels show is a hot ticket, high traffic event. This was just another weekday at NAF El Centro, where the dog walkers barely looked up when jets screamed overhead. Unlike a packed air show, we could bike anywhere on base we … Continue reading Red Hot and Blue

Blue Angel Backyard

As the morning DJs on 100.7 KFMB in San Diego forecasted 8 days of sunshine after one of the worst winter storms in its history, we pulled up the jacks and headed east, saying so long to the new SEAL class across the street running in formation. Betty flexed her V10 might rolling into Imperial Beach at 40mph, a full 25 mph below the speed limit, to pick up the I-5 East. The coach was cramped, mostly because of the queen mattress taking up the aisle. We spitballed our disposal options like a wee hours gift to the white panel … Continue reading Blue Angel Backyard

All roads lead to GO

It’s appropriate that the last full day in San Diego was spent with Betty, watching a cold, windy rain with intermittent hail drench the cove while waiting for Fed Ex to deliver our new mattress. Forget that it was the coldest, wettest SoCal winter in 10 years. This San Diego adventure surpassed our expectations, because of, not in spite of, fickle forecasts and weather radar love. Looking back on these past 30 days, we explored like tourists, lived like locals and experienced YES! with curiosity and adaptability for whatever the weather and universe would give us. The Comos were the … Continue reading All roads lead to GO

The errands of our Sunset Cliff ways

Having exhausted most of the bikeable destinations in and around Coronado, a drop the cell phone and crack the screen error created a 41 mile errand. We spent most of President’s Day grooming Betty and using North Island fitness center wifi to reflect on the speedy recovery of the markets and our response to it, before an hour of long paddle ball at Breakers Beach and dinner with three graduating Seals. Thanks to the Instagram post of Katie and Eric at the Del Hotel, a hometown friend reached out to Eric’s Patty to let her know he was graduating this … Continue reading The errands of our Sunset Cliff ways

We can see Coronado now

We could see clearly now the rain was gone, we could see all possibilities in our way. Gone were the atmospheric clouds that had us confined. It was a bright, bright, bright sunshiny Saturday. Flying the coop we researched all events within Como reach and decided to embrace local status and hang on the island with our first stop at the Hotel Del for the annual 80% off boutique sale. When a fancy brand shirt costs $195, even at 80% it’s not enough of a bargain for us so we moved on. Getting to know the island, it’s a friendly, … Continue reading We can see Coronado now

Gimme Shelter

The atmospheric river rushed into San Diego on Wednesday night, pummeling us with rain and wind for 36 hours straight. At times Betty was shaking like the roof would blow off but she kept us warm and dry with plenty of things to do like scouring the kitchen sink, finishing a consulting project, political and stock market updates and puzzling out of the box. Tip: when you don’t have workspace to spread out your pieces, choose a puzzle with distinct color sections so you can hunt and snap two sections at a time. When the rain finally cleared, it was … Continue reading Gimme Shelter

Maritime Musings

It was the calm before the storm – the last half day of dry before departure from 30 days in San Viewego. As we’ve written before, it’s been a wet one here and the radar was telling us we could go to the ball, but be back by the stroke of 2pm or get walloped. Besides the young Navy kids getting their PT on under ominous skies and a balmy 62 degrees, we were the lone riders on both the bikeway and the ferry crossing. Everyone knew what was coming. Pulling into downtown around 8:50am, we had more than an … Continue reading Maritime Musings