How We Review Campgrounds

We plan to visit a lot of parks over the next few years, so we decided to make a rubric review system, considering we are educators at heart. Our reviews are based on our experience as Class A coachers, traveling without kids, a car or time constraints. We evaluate on the overall experience of living at the campground and partaking in the available amenities, along with attractions that are no more than 50 eBikeable miles round trip from the site. We will share commentary about how/why we allocated points for each park.

Points system for each section:

0 – so bad you can’t accept it
1 – problems
2 – so-so (meh)
3 – all good
4- exceptional

Section 1 – Park Type/Cost – Federal, State, County, Corp of Engineers, Private and cost to stay – we consider over $50 expensive, $30-49 pricey, anything in the $20’s reasonable, and under $20, dirt cheap.

Section 2 – Hookups – water, sewer, electric, tv, dump stations

Section 3 – RV Sites – trees or no trees, private or open, natural or concrete pads, variety of sites, comments on site logistics around the campground

Section 4 – Park Facilities – bath house, laundry, cap store, community spaces, WIFI

Section 5 – Mobility – distance to grocery, attractions, amenities by walking or ebike

Section 6 – Outdoor Activities – bike trails, nature trails, fishing, swimming, beach, etc

Section 7 – Vibe – how it made us feel

Max points – 28

1 RV – don’t go = 0 – 7 points
2 RVs – if there are other options check them out = 8 -14 points
3 RVs – a solid choice = 15 – 21 points
4 RVs – loved it, would go again and you should too 22 – 28 points