Monday, August 1 – You’re on Tybee Time

Between the water treatment plant and the dog park, there is a place where motor coaches, fifth wheels, B/C Vans and tenters all play together in peace and harmony, each in their own interpretation of a tiny house.  They drive around on golf carts, ride bikes or walk a few blocks to put their toes in the sand and and make memories with their family and friends. River’s End Campground is a little slice of traveling Americana.

We spent most of the steamy, 96 degree day on North Beach, Eric riding perfectly balanced with cooler on one handlebar, beach bag  on the other.  The beachboy set us up with umbrella and chairs so we could lounge, read, watch cargo ships at sea and F-18s out of Jacksonville do training runs in the sky.  In between, we played paddleball in the water and on the sand and bobbed in the salty Atlantic surf.  We forgot how rejuvenating time away from regular life can be and are feeling rested and healthier than we have in a long time.

After 7 hours on the beach, we were salty dawgs and called it a day.  Cleaned up but too early for dinner, we took the bikes down to the Tybee Arts District to look for a piece of jewelry or art for Sheri.  We found tin sculptures, hot sauce tasting, Home Goods merchandise at Bloomingdale’s prices and a little store that only carried local artist work where Sheri picked up a leather bracelet with compass medallion.  It seemed like the right find for a Southeast Sojourn.

Leftover fajitas called us back to the tiny house where we thought we would settle in and try to figure out, once again, how to work the cable tv.  We haven’t watched any TV in over a week cause we haven’t cracked the cable code.  Sheri misses Morning Joe desperately.

Instead of another frustrating attempt, we got back on the bikes and took a 10 mile tour of Tybee, as documented here.  Follow Eric – he knows the way!

When you come out of the RV park, hang a left and head down the mossy tree-lined streets to North Beach and pick up the bike route.

Go past the Lighthouse, through the park and come out on the highway that bends into Butler Road and takes you to the South end of the island.  Stop at the IGA for Motrin if you are sore from beach activity.

Weave in and out of neighborhoods checking out the cottages, condos and castles before stopping at the Tybee Pier Pavillion for a selfie and to check out the fisher people and expansive views of the Atlantic.

Hop back on your bike trolley and go to the very end the very end of the island to get a look at Little Tybee, which you can only get to by boat or paddle board, according to paddle board rental people.  Not sure we are going to attempt that, but you never know.

Walk down South Beach and bask in the beauty of the dark sand, light clouds and ripping waves.  Discuss taking a dusk dip but read the sign before you do.

When the sun has fully set, but there is just enough light to bike home safely, take a quick detour through Tybaris Street to check out the nightlife then retrace your peddling back down the highway, through the park and stop at the lighthouse to admire the evening glow

Cruise back into camp, into your tiny home and be happy for a perfect day in paradise!

One thought on “Monday, August 1 – You’re on Tybee Time

  1. That's awesome that the 3RV park is right by the lighthouse! That's a gorgeous neighborhood. Fyi HGTV did several (ok 2 episodes) of beach front bargin hunt down at Tybee.

    There is something about being on bikes at the beach. ��

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