Wednesday, July 27 – Jammed

Feels like rush hour on the DC Beltway. We’ve been crawling on I-65N just outside Georgiana, AL for for about 30 minutes.  Waze says 4 miles of back-up and we’re still about 162 miles short of West Point Lake in La Grange, GA so we’ll be lucky to make 6pm.

We start each day with a plan.  Today was coffee on the beach, blog, RV takedown, lake by noon.  But we decided to throw in a swim and trip to the National Museum of Naval Aviation with a new target of 3pm. We just hit a traffic jam so perfect time to make lunch and give a tour of the RV. 

The kitchen is well equipped.  While crawling, Eric flipped a switch, the generator powered up and I pulled a 4 slice toaster out from under the sink to crisp a couple slices of Dave’s Good Seed bread and top them with PB2 and bananas. There’s a large fridge/freezer, microwave/convection oven and 2 propane burners so you can cook most anything you hanker for.  Drawers seem to be filled with every accoutrement imaginable.  We have not been stumped with a need yet. And all is secured in some fashion or another, like the dinnerware behind the curtain rod trick.

We are enjoying the open concept of living/dining room combo flowing into both the kitchen and Captain’s Driving Lounge.  Both the sofa and table convert to beds and the recliner is the perfect spot for watching movies or cable tv when you figure out how to enable the converter box.  With 15 windows and a skylight in the shower, you can have as much or as little natural light as you choose, with day and night privacy shades built in.

The bath and shower in this tiny house is larger than it seems.  We thought we would only use the park facilities, but are starting to get past that mental hurdle.  We’re now using the sink and toilet, but have yet to shower.  It’s currently storing a watermelon, case of water, vacuum cleaner and drying rack with wet bathing suits.  We’ll check out the Holiday Campground facilities and decide if this leg will be the one to try out the shower.

The  bedroom is in the rear of the coach and holds a queen bed with memory foam topper and enough closets to hold the wardrobe of clothes that actually fit us.  The slide out side wall is makes the room spacious enough to move around and dress.

Storage is maximized inside and out, with bins lining the outside of the coach holding everything from water shoes to fishing poles and charcoal grills to table and chairs.  All of this might sound like what you expect in an RV, but living in it brings it to a whole new level of appreciation for the freedom wandering can bring when you have the comforts that your home with you.

Out of the jam, Eric was not going to let the gas debacle from Sunday happen again.  When you spy a Flying J with gas under $2 and the letters RV on the sign high in the sky, you pull off and re-fuel, no matter what the gas gauge reads.  Now on I-85N toward Atlanta, we’re about 90 miles away from Holiday.

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  1. Watermelon and a vacuum in the shower, what kind of vacation are you guys on? Hahaha. I'm cracking myself up. I think it's super cool that you can cook while the RV is moving. Maybe you guys are really preparing for entry into an iron chef competition. 🙂

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