Shed happens

If you want to sit at the dining room table, you just might be seated on a 50cc Honda Ruckus scooter parked on a cardboard pad.
As cool as that sounds, it was about to change with the arrival of the contemporary shed kit.  The new home for the scooter was planned for installation in the area where the Brazilians defeated the azalea bushes in the recent yard skirmish.  I had been dreaming, of a shed on the property since the day we moved in and parked the cars in the garage-less driveway.  The shed we wanted was a contemporary design with high transom windows to match the 1950s architecture of the house.  It came in kit form, sold by COSTCO, and delivered in a compact, shrink wrapped, pallet dumped in the center of the driveway from a trailer pulled by a cargo van.
The instructions indicated that it could be assembled in two days of back breaking, noisy, dirty, and sweaty labor by a team of professionals.
Bringing in the big guns, we asked the only professional carpenter we knew, Cammie Wright, to come down for a relaxing three-day Labor Day weekend of building.  She arrived with her tool belt, hammer, and speed square ready to build her first tiny house.
Step 1 – Remove 300+ pieces of wood and hardware from box
Step 2 – Find someone young and strong to carry it to the back of the yard
Step 3 – Try to get it in an organized fashion to follow along with the 20 page instruction manual
Step 4 – Build the floor on a professionally laid base meeting county specs
Step 5 – Make sure the floor is level, unlike the angle of this picture
Step 6 – Admire the perfectly constructed walls that your daughter and husband built
Step 7 – Watch the carpenter drill, hammer and repeat from morning til night
Step 8 – Take a break and discuss your progress
Step 9 – Climb up 10ft and raise a roof just before hanging the doors and installing the windows that the photographer missed while mulching beds and spray painting chairs
Step 10 – Lay down roofing felt and tack shingles that didn’t come with the kits and had to be purchased on an extra trip to Home Depot
Step 11 – Take a photo of your new shed with your carpenter and helper
Step 12 – Buy them a Shed Beer to Celebrate 3 days of the Shed
Cheers to Cammie and Eric. They barely fought, but I did see eye rolling at times, Miss Meticulous meets Mr. Get it Done.  Eric lost a nail and Cammie cut her previously wounded fatty palm on a shingle.  All that’s left now is to paint and move the Ruckus to it’s new home. 
And in case you were wondering about the the mulch and chairs …
Why buy new when you can re-fab?

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