Spring Training

From the southwest to the southeast, I’ve spent the past two weeks training for spring; getting adjusted to warmer temps on the trails, at the beach and yesterday at the O’s game. I am ready for the northeast to heat up and keep my momentum going. Decked out in our orange and black, we set out for Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota to see the O’s take on the Braves. Only 20 minutes from Casa Wright, we had time for a few stops before the 1:05 game. Needing a thrift fix, Eileen took us to Fifi’s Fine Resale where I … Continue reading Spring Training


I”m getting used to this lifestyle. Sleep late, eat breakfast, watch morning tv, hang out, get ready for some activity, like Beach Day! Cammie and I spent a few hours on Holmes Beach while Bill and Eileen went fishing. The sun was bright and the breeze was strong – a dangerous combination for fair skinned people like me. Armed with SPF 30 dry spray, I applied and reapplied no less than 6 times while Cammie went au natural, the bronze goddess she is. Not many swimmers braving the chilly waters on the first day of spring. I made it in … Continue reading Chillaxing

Hit and Sit

Another day in paradise. Woke this morning feeling less stiff and ready to battle the ball machine. The ball machine is great for drills as it steadily feeds balls wherever you program them to go. It’s a hearty workout especially when Bill is picking up balls as fast as I could return them. Forehand/backhand groundstrokes and a steady stream of volleys took their toll. One hour later and I was a hot mess! Easy recovery with kashi and fruit, lounging in the lenai and a few hours with suduko by the pool. Is this what relaxing is like??? Location:Haven Harbour … Continue reading Hit and Sit


Life is tough down here in the land of the sun. We left Villa Wright after watching the morning news then the Today show and the great debate on whether or not Savannah Guthrie should find out the sex of the babe in her belly. Al Roker was the only vote for not knowing, Matt is a control freak so of course he said yes. Jenna Bush said it confuses gift giving friends. Yellow or green is not the new pink or blue. Natalie Morales said be surprised on the first and find out the second so you know what … Continue reading Touching


It started snowing Sunday evening with a 3-5″ accumulation prediction. Bill, Cammie and I were booked on an 8:50am non-stop to Sarasota for spring break leg two, the Southern Sojourn. Eric and Casey are both in school so boys stay home. After a three week roadtrip from Florida to NJ to MD, Bill was ready to go home. He’d left warmth and comfort to venture north and deliver a car to Cammie then cook, clean and chauffeur Casey during Eric and my Southwest sojourn. On break from school, with midterms next week, Cammie wanted to get out of town, hit … Continue reading Tubulence

Leaving Las Vegas

In our morning ride out of Sin City, we drove North to the old strip to compare new Vegas to vintage Vegas. It should be called violating Vegas as the roads were lined with bail bond joints, 24 hour strip clubs, wedding chapels, seedy motels and pawn shops. Perhaps the old strip is where the stories of the $3.99 steak buffet and $29 room originated. Drunk crowds still limo out to the old strip after 1 am to crash the seedy after hours clubs. The reality TV show Pawn Stars had a line around the corner. The rest of the … Continue reading Leaving Las Vegas

Dinner and a show

Las Vegas boulevard, the Vegas strip, or just the strip – everyone knows what that means. Dead center of the strip sits the Bellagio, launched into Hollywood stardom in Oceans 11. Adjacent to Clooney’s hotel is the Cosmopolitan, sleek and luxurious but without a fountain. And, one more door down is the Aria complex comprised of an enormous mall of unaffordable shoes and handbags, a massive casino/hotel/conference center with a modern design theme, and tucked away in the corner, the Vdara Spa Hotel. The Vdara is an ultra modern all suite advertising an emphasis on service for those that don’t … Continue reading Dinner and a show

Vegas Virgin

Sit here next to me at the Vdara lounge. I ordered two well-mannered martinis. We can sip and bite a sampler of spicy calamari and swap stories about losing our Vegas virginities. Point of clarification, first. The well-mannered is well-intended, but doesn’t hold a candle to Karin Leet’s martini masterpiece with her Gorgonzola stuffed olives. Love ya, K. After soul tripping through Arizona, I must say I was apprehensive about the last leg of our southwest sojourn – losing my Vegas virginity. I had preconceived notions about what Vegas would be like. It would be the polar opposite of Atlantic … Continue reading Vegas Virgin

Plane Lucky

Back on 64 for 30 seconds and Eric spotted a Lockheed Electra on the dirt lawn of a warehouse. One emergency stop and turnaround, and we were in the famous planes museum. Our admission fee was waived when museum curator Larry heard Naval Academy prof in the house. Behind Larry sat a high ceiling aircraft hangar stuffed full of rare and exotic aircraft in flying condition, OMFG. A Vietnam era Skyraider was painted up in the squadron insignia of VA-176, a US Navy carrier squadron and the same one that Eric served with in the 80s. It was Christmas morning. … Continue reading Plane Lucky

Yabba Dabba Doo

Departing through the south gate was quick, immediately re-entering the Kaibab forest for the 240 mile trek to Las Vegas to round out an unholy triangle. With speed limits of 75, aka 100,the distances are shorter then they appear. First stop just north of Williams is Bedrock City, home of Fred, Barney and Wilma. Entering Bedrock City is like time traveling to your childhood of Saturday morning Hannah and Barbara cartoons. Except, the destination is not the friendly village of Fred and Barney, but instead the post-apocalyptic version of what their happy cartoon town has become after 40 neglected years. … Continue reading Yabba Dabba Doo