Ransacking Woolsey

The kitchen crashers ransacked Woolsey today.  Israel rang the bell at 7:20AM, with cardboard and crowbar in hand. 

We spent the better part of yesterday packing and de-cluttering.  Our initial reaction upon seeing the sales photos and then the 10 months of unintentional accumulation kitchen totally cleared out and empty was, “Hmmm, this looks pretty good.”  Is it really just the clutter and disorganization we’re fighting?  Is a new kitchen a total over-kill?  Great time to ask questions like that!  Too late … the train has left the station and there is no stopping it.  But we did make a vow to be very picky about what items we would move back into the kitchen.  I’m sure that will last about a week!

Between 7:30 and 5pm today,  everything in the kitchen except the floor was ripped out and tossed into the driveway. Anyone need a 60s cooktop?

Two bulkheads above the old cabinets were knocked out to make way for the new 42 inch cabinets.  Along the way, the kitchen water cut-off valves conveniently located in the crawl space of the house failed to cut-off the water and had to be replaced, and the drain to the sink was found to be rusted a leaking into the sub-floor.  Fortunately, having seen much more dramatic surprises on HGTV’s Love It or List It, we were able to keep our composure and roll with the surprises.

 As the evening came to an end; with a driveway full of kitchen debris; with two granola bars and four bottles of water in the living room to live on; with the electrical circuits in the house turned off; we headed into downtown Bethesda for a BGR veggie burger and a beer to celebrate a successful start to the project.  Yum!

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  1. Holy Cow! that is a full driveway! looks good though. make sure they tape and paper your beautiful floors.

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