Post-parade busted move

Thank goodness for Bar Bistro. After 3 1/2 hours of passiver parade pomp, it was time to inhale a cold beer.

If we had to sum up the parade in a single word, it might be … snoozefest. Can’t really remember the last time we went to a parade, but this one had power potential that fizzled with a whimper. Take a few high school bands in their winter uniforms, a bunch of classic cars, police losing control of the street-crossing crowd and twirling inflatables and you get hot, tired and uninspiring (yes, the image that follows is an overweight middle aged man dressed as the Lone Ranger).

The best part of the parade was the little crowd of comradery that developed around our chairs. After arriving an hour prior to the start of the parade, other folks thought it was OK to gather in front of us, essentially forming a new front row. Out little group would have none of that and the interlopers were heckled and shamed until they moved from blocking our view. We all bonded over our moral victory and had a great time giving inspiration to the hot and tired parade participants. Doc from Back To The Future did not need any help. The flux capacitor was obviously working fine.

We are really trying to make this post interesting and failing miserably. I’m thinking about quitting my job and taking over the dc 4th of july parade. A root canal is more fun that this!

Location:F St NW,Washington D.C.,United States

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  1. love the event news….now we don't have to wish we were there!planning on watching the concert@9to hear barry sing while we're under air comfort munching on healthy snacks and downing wine!.

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