Post-parade busted move

Thank goodness for Bar Bistro. After 3 1/2 hours of passiver parade pomp, it was time to inhale a cold beer. If we had to sum up the parade in a single word, it might be … snoozefest. Can’t really remember the last time we went to a parade, but this one had power potential that fizzled with a whimper. Take a few high school bands in their winter uniforms, a bunch of classic cars, police losing control of the street-crossing crowd and twirling inflatables and you get hot, tired and uninspiring (yes, the image that follows is an overweight … Continue reading Post-parade busted move

I love a parade!

Here we are at the corner of Constitution and 15th in a prime viewing spot for the march down patriotism lane. The streets are fully lined for the 11:45 start but it’s a quiet morning in the city with far less people than we expected to start the day.30 minutes later the crowds have filled in, maybe four or five deep to the curb. DC Metro is out in force with full gear and in vests. Even though the sun is behind a low layer of clouds the air is hot and humid and one has to think that today … Continue reading I love a parade!

A Capitol Fourth

Happy Fourth of July! Eric and I decided to embrace DC today and head into the city for independence festivities. We’ve been reading about massive crowds, security checkpoints, public transportation and all the reasons NOT to attend this monumental celebration. But you know us – if it’s not an adventure, why bother? We have very loose plans today. All the websites advise us to take the metro but all the people we’ve talked to say it’s insanity. We experienced the crowds of Cherry Blossom, which is a 2 week event. Our expectation is a NYC NYE equivalent as millions pour … Continue reading A Capitol Fourth