Thank you and Bonus Pictures

Sincere Thanks to all who virtually shared our big day – it was a crazy idea and we appreciate you embracing it.  We are overwhelmed by the well-wishes and congratulatory comments you wrote for our memory blog and will enjoy reading in the years to come. One last post – the bonus pictures … Throughout the day, Katie shot video and pictures with her camera.  The plan is for this footage to turn into a high-quality short video that we can all enjoy sometime in the future at the party.  Of course, we also had our iPhones and iPads with … Continue reading Thank you and Bonus Pictures

Hallberg-Wright Ceremony – Screenplay

In thinking about our ceremony, we examined the traditional exchange of vows – do you take the other to be your lawfully, to have/hold, sickness/health, richer/poorer, death/part and so on.  While the words are lovely, we wanted to put real-life issues on paper that are relevant to a healthy, committed relationship that will stand the tests of time.  The opening remarks are modeled after the preamble with a nod to the gift of lasting friendship, symbolized by the Cherry trees and under a belief system that values our actions in the way we choose to live our lives.  We talked … Continue reading Hallberg-Wright Ceremony – Screenplay

The End of the Beginning

We had a fabulous dinner at the Four Seasons in Georgetown. We had said good night to our videographer, Katie, at the start of the dinner. The pictures of our dinners are on our iPhones and I will not try to describe them here but suffice it to say that we won’t be craving lobster of 50 day old aged steak anytime soon. Following dinner, we slipped back into our black and pink kicks and hit hoofed it to the nearest Red Line metro station, 1 and a half miles away. It felt good to move – sort of. We … Continue reading The End of the Beginning

Top of the World!

Hey, the blogs got as little out of order. We got married and flexed to bike rickshaws to the W. That “secret path” is a good story for another day. We didn’t die in traffic, but ….. We are at the POV at the top of the W. We are overlooking the White House, Washington Monument, and Jefferson Memorial in the background where we just got married. Very cool. I’d right more, but I have to get back to my mohito. Our table. One happy guy (even if his bow tie is falling apart). Location:POV at the top of the … Continue reading Top of the World!

Roll with it.

No Big Bus rides insight! The mall area is grid lock. The busses are stuck in traffic. They are suppused to come by every 20 minutes. Due to the traffic, they are every 1 hour or more. We have a reservation at the top of the W in 55 minutes. Thinking fast, we flag down two eager bike petty cabs (bike rickshwas). They assure us they know secret paths through the crowd. Sounds good – we’re in. Location:Jefferson Memorial to White House Continue reading Roll with it.

Wedding Hair

If you have a special occasion, or just want a cerebral treat, go to DryBar! Ashley gave me the Manhattan sleek and smooth to go with my birdcage veil. Manager Rosemary and her team do hair fabulous! I got to facetime with Cammie. For those of you not facetime-savy, it is like a Dick Tracy wrist watch where you both talk and see the person at the other end. More or less on schedule, we dropped 200 feet down into the DC Metro to pick up the red line to Metro Center than changing to the blue line to Eastern … Continue reading Wedding Hair

Wedding Cake (sort of) and a Blow Out

We began the morning with Champagna mimosa in the living room. I took me a good half hour to tie the bow tie. It was a lot of pressure with the clock ticking and the camera on me. Leaving the house for downtown Bethesda and Sheri’s hair appointment. The day is cool and beautiful. The busiest business in Bethesda us officially Georgetown Cup Cakes. The line was into the street when I arrived at 10 am. They had Cherry Blossom themed cup cakes – got ’em. Meanwhile Sheri is back at the Dry Bar getting the Manhattan Blow Out. Location:Bethesda, … Continue reading Wedding Cake (sort of) and a Blow Out

April 6, 2013 – Pre-Wedding Checklist

Now this is a good reason to marry Eric – he irons his own clothes! Cherry Blossom Wedding Checklist Vow cue-cards – check Fancy pen – check Hallberg-Wright Manifesto ready to sign – check Sealing wax, matches, inital stamps – check Marriage license – check Decorated wedding bag – check   A few people have asked us where we’re registered, or about sending gifts or cards.  Please leave comments on our blog instead … we value your well wishes more than anything! Until tomorrow … Continue reading April 6, 2013 – Pre-Wedding Checklist