June 12, 2012 – Roll with it

Th number one reason I chose this multi-sport adventure in Chilko Lake, BC was for the Class 4-5 white water rafting. Eric and I had taken a 3 day OARS camping trip on the wild and scenic Tuolumne River near Yosemite and have been chomping to go again. This trip added more adventure features with deluxe accommodations so we decided to go for it. Unfortunately the unseasonably cool Juneuary prevented us from activities like whitewater as the water is too low and reaching the summit of Mount Tullin as the snow has not melted. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and find the silver linings.

Despite the limitations, Brian and Ashley got us out on Chilko Lake today in inflatable Aire kayaks. After feasting on steak, eggs and hashed potatoes, we suited up in the lodge garage where they have equipment for every size, shape and sport and headed to the lake. Wetsuit, fleece, spray jacket, life jacket, helmut. Check.

After Brian gave us the pump it up workout and a safety/paddle lesson, we began our 10mile, 2 hour journey down Chilko, passing Canoe Crossing, Honey Hole, Lingfield Creek and ended at the bridge Henry’s Crossing. Along the way we saw Bald Eagles, Northern Pintels and Mallards. The lake was not challenging at all, the hardest part was the overcoming the pain from the awkward seating postion and syncing paddling with the current to keep momentum forward and not in a zig zagging pattern.
I would have to call the highlight of the trip just below Henry Hole where Eric decided to swim during an eddy demonstration. Luckily he was wearing our new Go Pro waterproof video head cam and caught it all on tape. We haven’t figured out how to edit the film yet, but when we do (hopefully tonight) you’ll see a great flip and recover!

Back at the lodge, Jamie greeted our sore legs with warm ginger carrot soup and tuna melts. After lunch I headed back to the cabin for a long nap while Jamie was making ravioli for dinner and Eric took on an 8 mile muddy mountain bike ride through trails around the lodge. More power to him – I had nothing left.

The rest of the evening was spent eating, drinking, socializing and learning. Jamie’s handmade butternut and goat cheese ravioli with seared scallops, morel mushrooms and leeks in a beurre blanc sauce was my favorite dish so far.

For dessert? A tempura banana with kailua and white chocloate whipped cream – a light variation on a traditionally soaked and syrupy dish. Delish!
After dinner, Eric took the technical tour with Mikey and learned about how how the lodge is powered. He left this morning on a fishing trip and will tell you about it later. It’s quite ingenious how Mikey keeps this place running. I relaxed (again). I’m getting really good at that. A late night soak in the 110 degree hot tub with a light cool drizzle and the close to another memorable day.

Location:Chilko Lake

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  1. It has been said "young men talk and old men dream". Sharing your thoughts and experiences has brought us to a deeper understanding of the undeground challenges that are in our lives. We love you.

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